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Vol. XXXV No. 2The HAPA NewsFeb 25th, 2013

Dues Due For 2013

Thanks to all who have sent in your tax-deductible dues donation to HAPA. If you haven't, this is a gentle reminder. Brighten our day by sending them now. Dues are only $20 per year, and additional donations are welcome. Make checks out to S.F. Study Center, with HAPA in the Notes line, and mail to HAPA at the address below.

HAPA Ad in S.F. Chronicle

HAPA Newspaper AdHAPA spent $3,147 for a full page ad in the Chronicle Real Estate section which appeared last Sunday. So far, no one has responded to it. We are also sending out the content of the ad by email to all the investors that we can find. If you're curious about 1155 Palisade, you can come by an open house on February 27, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., March 6 and March 9, same time. More important, however, is to talk to your friends who have a few million dollars available to invest in a real estate development. The ad is attached as a PDF.

Time To End Hungry And Homeless In Hayward;
They Are Our People

Lily, just beginning her 38 year in Hayward, has been homeless th for nearly 20 years. She is thorough and responsible in her work. She hasn't been able to maintain a steady job, however, due to her severe learning disability, which makes communication difficult. Her deep desire is to go to college and work a good, steady job. While Lily's disability was identified early in life, her teenage mother inadvertently disqualified Lily from services that would have given her the educational and vocational tools necessary for her to succeed. No housing programs have accepted Lily. She has developed health issues due to her inconsistent diet and has not been able to qualify for any vocational programs because she is homeless. She was denied SSI. She needs a home, training, and assistance to navigate the various systems set up to place people into housing and health care.

Kathy is a familiar face in Hayward, appealing to anyone who will listen, for help. At first glance, she appears to be "assistance resistant," not following through on offers to improve her situation. However, talk with her for a little longer and you notice the disorganized thinking indicative of severe mental illness or other cognitive dysfunction. Unfortunately for Kathy, her ability to panhandle a donut or cup of coffee or a place to sleep means that she's not perceived as disabled enough to get the help she really needs. Clinical assessment is required for Kathy to access available housing and services. People in multiple agencies state that they've known Kathy for years and that she hasn't been any healthier or more functional, but that is far less than what she needs. They shake their heads and say, "I wish there was something we could do."

When can we acknowledge that someone's situation is unacceptable by any standard? When can we admit that just as everyone must be responsible for their own actions, we, the healthy, have a responsibility to act. Of the people who are hungry and/or homeless in Hayward, 40 percent were born in Hayward and 80 percent have been here for 10 or more years. The problem is ours to solve. It is difficult, but it is possible to do better, much better.

On January 11, 2013, the South Hayward Parish, a local non-profit founded in 1964, and Council member Francisco Zermeño held the first annual Food Insecurity and Homelessness Awareness Teach-In Event. The 65 people who attended heard personal stories of hunger and homelessness from Former City Council member Doris Rodriquez and current Council member Mark Salinas. Following a panel discussion, participants brainstormed ideas to end hunger and homelessness in Hayward. A new task force has been formed with two working committees, one focused on ending Homelessness and the other on Hunger. Everyone is welcome to participate in these committees.

Learn more about the Teach In at Learn more about South Hayward Parish and its food pantry, economic development efforts, family resource collective, and public witnessing efforts by visiting Join us. Contact Sara Lamnin, Program Director Hayward Community Action Network, a program of South Hayward Parish, (510) 432-7703, or Betty DeForest, South Hayward Parish Executive Director (510) 785-3663,

Report from Sara Lamnin for the HAPA News.

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Hayward Area Planning Association (HAPA)
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