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Vol. XXXVI No. 1  The HAPA News  January 20, 2014

HAPA Update

We concluded our mailing program in early January. Starting in September, we sent 8 mailings on several subjects: The Crisis of the Anthropocene; Creation Care for Neighborhoods Quiz; Project Description for Bayview Quarry Village; Drawings of Facades and Streetscapes; Green Housing, Energy, and Water; The Pro Forma or Financial Plan; How Alternative Transportation Would Work; and, finally, How the Project Would Be Marketed.

We sent these little reports by mail and by email, along with cover letters, to several kinds of organizations: wealthy individuals, private banks, builders and developers, foundations, the media, climate groups, Bay Area environmental advocacy groups, and smart growth advocacy groups. While this was an interesting and challenging exercise, it did not produce any significant results.

The City of Hayward has a new Economic Development Director, Lori Taylor, and I met with her on January 14. She was underwhelmed with my efforts and told me that my approach so far was impractical. I had to agree with her, but this did not yield an answer as to what I should be doing. I was talking to her to get on the agenda of the City Council's Economic Development Committee as a step toward getting a Statement of Support for the City of Hayward for the Bayview project.

The City needs to be on board because then Assemblyman Bill Quirk can have a basis for talking to the key state agencies about what they could do. Those state agencies are: the Office of Planning and Research, Housing and Community Development, and the California Air Resources Board. These agencies have proposed an investment program for the hundreds of millions of dollars in the Cap and Trade Fund. The program includes support for alternatives to the automobile and for smart growth, both of which the Bayview project achieves better than probably anything else being proposed in the state.

Lori Taylor and I agree that the City and many of its active citizens are way too optimistic about the amount of retail that Hayward can attract; we see a need to get more smart growth housing to improve that demand. There is also in my mind a separate question of how appealing the empty space on B Street is for modern retail, and how poorly the loop system works for access.

Ms. Taylor, for some reason, did not have time to read the 500-page ring binder that I prepared for her, and not even the 55 PowerPoint slides that had a lot of statistics in them. She indicated that she might be willing to look at 8 slides, so I agreed to give it a try.

The question, "why are developers not interested in the Bayview Project?" is a legitimate one, but is the same question as to why they also are not interested in the Green Shutter, large surplus Caltrans properties, the Holiday Bowl, the Bunker Hill area, City properties near Carlos Bee Blvd., and other "opportunities." We do know that Caltrans is selling dozens if not a few hundred of its surplus single-family houses and small lots, and getting good prices. There is also a new senior affordable project approved on the north side of A Street near the Lucky store, and a condo and affordable
housing project on Mission near South Hayward BART. Other small to medium projects seem likely
to trickle in.

HAPA Publishes New Web Page on Sustainability at CSUEB-Hayward

With help from my two student interns, HAPA has published a website on sustainability at CSUEBHayward.
We will shortly be emailing some announcement to people at the University. Look it over
this website

Progress Report, Task Force to end Homelessness & Hunger n Hayward

[Article reprinted for Eden Area League of Women Voters, Voter, and January 2014]
The Task Force on Ending homelessness and hunger is moving quickly into the action stage. It
needs all the volunteers it can get in order to make good things happen, so now is a good time
to join if you want to be part the action.

All you need to do is contact Sara Lamnin and/or come to the next full Task Force Meeting. It will be held on Friday, January 31, 9:00-10:30am at Westminster Hills Outreach Center, 27287 Patrick Avenue, Hayward, CA 94544. (Opposite the Weekes Branch Library)

In the two meetings the Task Force has held since the November 16 Conference, the following Work Groups have been established. Everyone is not only welcome, but is encouraged to participate and to bring others you believe might be interested in helping.

Increasing the Food Supply (Gleaning, "Food Stamp" enrollment, and other short- and long-term actions to increase the food supply for those who are hungry.) - Meets third Monday of each month, 9:00-10:00 am, Westminster Hills Outreach Center.

Increasing Access to Public Bathrooms and Showers - Next meeting is January 3, 8:00am. For location, contact Marcy Timberman

External Communications and Advocacy (Messaging, publicity, education of voters and elected officials, seeking financial support from individuals and agencies, and similar work) - Friday, January 31, 11:00am at Westminster Hills Outreach Center.

Multiservice Center Planning - This is carried out by CAN (Community Action Network) and it also welcomes all who are interested. Tuesday, January 21, 1:30 pm at 22841 High Street, Hayward.

Outdoor Meals Coordination (Identify indoor locations for meal and other services provided outdoors) - Tuesday, January 21, 3pm, 22841 High Street, Hayward.

Housing Access (Identify models of affordable housing and opportunities to connect individuals to permanent housing) - Second Thursdays, 8:15-9:15 am, 22841 High Street, Hayward.

Internal communications (Identification of and outreach to those who are not yet involved in the Task Force and the administrative and electronic support needed to keep those involved, engaged in the work) - Thursday, January 16, 10 am, 22841 High Street, Hayward.

All groups are trying to find out more about what other groups have the same or similar goals so that they can learn about what has been done and is being planned by those groups. They will also examine whether some form of collaboration/ communication might be mutually beneficial in each instance.

Please keep in mind that the Mission Statement of the Task Force is: To identify and eradicate barriers Please keep in mind that the Mission Statement of the Task Force is: To identify and eradicate barriers to ending hunger and homelessness in Hayward.

Delmo Della-Dora, VP Programs, LWVEA

Sherman Lewis, President
Hayward Area Planning Association
2787 Hillcrest Ave. Hayward CA 94542