Vol. XXXII No. 1  The HAPA News  May 1, 2012

City Campaign 2012:
HAPA Asks the Questions

We asked the candidates for City Council to answer our questionnaire, and we included background material to educate them about our ideas. Six candidates answered.

  1. How should redevelopment of the South Hayward BART station area proceed concerning building, parking, and shuttle access? (See South Hayward Alt Access Planning on website)
  2. How should CSUEB Hayward improve its access: emphasizing cars or emphasizing transit? Do you support the suit by the City and HAPA against the CSUEB Hayward Master Plan? (See Sustainable Access to CSUEBH.pptx and Roesch order ascii facsimile.pdf on website)
  3. If a fast, frequent, free shuttle could connect CSUEB Hayward and Hayward BART, would you support development of a transit-oriented corridor with less parking along Mission Blvd. from downtown to Carlos Bee Blvd.? (See Creation Care for neighborhoods.pdf on website)
  4. What is your position on the Bayview Village proposal? (See Project Overview 2-29-24.docx)
  5. Optional comments

Cooperation from the candidates and hard work by your Board of Directors and especially Bruce Barrett have produced valuable and interesting answers which we are not going to show you here. You have to click here: http://brucebarrett.com/hapa/cityq/Candidate%20Answers-All-2012.pdf
to get a pdf with the answers.

HAPA as a non-profit cannot endorse and so in this election we will act like the League of Women Voters - no hints from us. Read and judge for yourself.

Court Hearing on HAPA v CSU

The oral argument in the beautiful, august chambers of the California Supreme Court, where appellate panels meet, was anti-climatic, confusing, and indecisive, at least to me, a non-lawyer. The three judge panel seemed not to get it. The CSU sounded persuasive if one did not know the whole story. Our two lawyers landed some punches, but there were some points I wanted to make that did not seem to get made. So, we'll just have to see.

Air Quality Survey: You can take it...

Gail Lundholm wrote:

Subject: Fwd: The Air District wants to hear from YOU!

I completed this survey -- took about five minutes. I complained about the building of the Russell City Energy Center(RCEC) on the Hayward shoreline because the pollution it will spew will affect all of us in surrounding communities.

I heard on KQED today that it will be the fifth largest greenhouse gas polluter in the state! The RCEC is also located close to Chabot College, an elementary school, and many day care centers. If enough people answer the survey and bring up the awful decision to build that power plant in that urban area, who knows, they may take notice if nothing else. As a serendipity, it will make you feel good to vent.


I also commented on RCEC in the survey:

RCEC will substantially increase pollution in a corridor already polluted along I-880, with a high rate of child asthma and a low-income population. The Alameda County Department of Health and Chabot College have opposed the RCEC; you can help them out.


From the "Backmed" (BAAQMD) -

Dear Air District Partners and Stakeholders:

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District wants your feedback! As an active stakeholder and interested party in Air District affairs, please assist us by completing a brief survey on public participation: www.research.net/s/baaqmd_participation_survey

The Air District will use your input as it develops its first ever Public Participation Plan. The Plan will help the Air District enhance outreach and engagement of local communities, businesses, and residents.

We appreciate your assistance and feedback in this process. For more information on the Air District’s Public Participation Plan, please visit: http://www.baaqmd.gov/public

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please feel free to contact Kristina Chu atkchu@baaqmd.gov or at (415) 749-4758.

Thank you for your time.

Alison Kirk

HAPA Directors

Bruce Barrett
Gail Lundholm
Steve Murtaugh
Joy Rowan
Brian Stanke

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