Bayview Village Resources: Green Transportation

Transportation Analysis

253 Kb  activity_and_trip_durations.pdf (253 Kb)

a long list of travel purposes and durations for purpose to check for ability of Bayview Village to provide comparable access.

25 Kb  nhts_persons_income_density_vmt.pdf (25 Kb)

chart showing decline of vehicle miles traveled by increasing density for drivers with over $15,000 income.

24 Kb  bayview_trips_and_commerce.xlsx (24 Kb)

spreadsheet with tabs for many trip purposes comparing Bayview Village and car; square feet of stores and ratios to population, local retail demand, population growth, CSUEB growth, TH comparables, mortgage calculator, employment

338 Kb  us_car_free_low_mileage_statistics.pdf (338 Kb)

analysis of best national data bases to estimate number of US households with no car or low miles, middle or better income, and density.

67 Kb  easy_destinations_from_bayview_village.pdf (67 Kb)

List of dozens of restaurants and other businesses easily reached from Bayview Village;discussion of access.

64 Kb  village_bus.xlsx (64 Kb)

spreadsheet tabs for capital and operating costs of Village Bus and patronage.