Bayview Village Resources: Financials

Pro Forma Financials

211 Kb  bv_hoa_budget.xlsx (211 Kb)

Home Owner Association budgets showing dues for 6 unit types

302 Kb  financial_analysis_12_years.xlsm (302 Kb)
306 Kb  bv_pro_forma_12_years_1024_units.xlsm (306 Kb)

Pro forma for middle level absorption rate. Main pro forma being used; frequently adjusted, recently for partnership and transitional parking.

301 Kb  financial_analysis_16_years.xlsm (301 Kb)
307 Kb  bv_pro_forma_12_years_880_units.xlsm (307 Kb)

Downside projection if transitional parking fails and project ends at 880 units.

294 Kb  financial_analysis_9_years.xlsm (294 Kb)
15 Kb  bv_summary_of_pro_formas.xlsx (15 Kb)

summarizes key estimates from 5 pro formas.

197 Kb  village_center_commercial.pdf (197 Kb)

Data on grocery stores and sales to estimate size for a viable Village Store.