Bayview Village Resources: Risk Factors

Green Ratings Guides

605 Kb  ccap_guidebook_emissions_calculator.xls (605 Kb)

Spreadsheet on how to calculate building emissions

4 MB  new_home_green_guidelines.pdf (4 MB)

San Francisco guidelines for building green homes

58 Kb  leed_and_acwma.xls (58 Kb)

Spreadsheet comparing LEED and Green Point rating systems

4.1 MB  sf_green_building_compliance_guide.pdf (4.1 MB)

170 pages on how to comply with San Francisco Green Building Code

30.8 MB  leed_for_nd_2009__08_2011.pdf (30.8 MB)

LEED detailed guidelines for green Neighborhood Development

3.8 MB  sf_green_building_report.pdf (3.8 MB)

City of San Francisco report on its Green Building program, 1999-2002

154 Kb  leed_neighborhood_rating.xls (154 Kb)

LEED spreadsheet for rating neighborhood development, estimates for Bayview Village

5.4 MB  sf_tools_of_trade_-_green_buildings.pdf (5.4 MB)

San Francisco tips for green building design and analysis

218 Kb  litman_leed_rec.pdf (218 Kb)

Todd Litman comments on LEED issues (may be out of date)

165 Kb  whatisgreentrip.pdf (165 Kb)

2 page brochure on reducing car tirps

6.2 MB  multifamily_green_buildng_guide.pdf (6.2 MB)

Long guide about how to build green multifamily housing