Bayview Village Resources: Community Planning, Site Plans

General Area Planning

71 Kb  bv_buildings.xlsx (71 Kb)

Spreadsheet with tabs for details of MU Block, unit areas, floor areas, bldg footprints, unit count, unit width to depth ratios, stairs, ADA requirements, and fire code.

79 Kb  site-_property_lines_and_development_limit.pdf (79 Kb)

Site plan showing outside property lines and boundary showing limit of mostly developable area

89 Kb  bv_site_areas.xlsx (89 Kb)

Spreadsheet with tabs on the properties, existing conditions, phase areas, right-of-way, parking, open space, landscaping, walking, slopes, drainage, fire code, CAD information, and other issues.

159 Kb  site-_trash_collection_route.pdf (159 Kb)

Site plan showing trash collection route

289 Kb  bv_site_plan_may 2012.pdf (289 Kb)

Bayview Village Site Plan

39 Kb  site_community_center_area.pdf (39 Kb)

Site Plan for Village Center and MU Block showing detail for Busway, Community Center, and MU Bldg.

66 Kb  bv_unit_planning.xlsx (66 Kb)

Spreadsheet with tabs of worksheet data on unit sizes, Bayview units, units in other projects, notes on features and unit plans.

159 Kb  site_plan_building_phases_and_grading.pdf (159 Kb)

Site Plan showing 11 building phases and their grouping into 4 grading phases

28 Kb  site-_parking.pdf (28 Kb)

Site plan showing parking areas and features

186 Kb  site_plan_existing_conditions.pdf (186 Kb)

Site Plan showing existing conditions

116 Kb  site-_parks_center_trail_walk_times.pdf (116 Kb)

Site plan showing parks, trails, and walking distances

251 Kb  site_plan_finish_contours.pdf (251 Kb)

Site plan showing finish contours for estimating cut and fill.