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Modular Builders

  1. Zeta Communities - 1. ZETA produces net zero energy multifamily housing and mixed-use structures for sustainable communities, focusing on urban infill, transit-oriented development, public land development and educational campuses.
  1. Michelle Kaufman mkLotus - This beautiful, healthy home is a peaceful oasis that collaborates with the land. This home offers the latest high-performance systems and sustainable materials and methods, which dramatically reduces its impact on the environment, as well as your energy bills!
  1. Clayton "i-house" - The house comes in two packages: the $74,900, 723-square-foot i-house I, and the $93,300, 1,023-square-foot i-house II. Both homes can be configured in at least seven different ways and come with a number of standard features, including galvanized metal roofing, corrugated steel siding, a butterfly roof with rainwater collection, and non-VOC paints.
  1. LivingHomes - Nature made factory built. They had the honor of building the first LEED Platinum certified home in the US, and also delivered the first LEED Platinum certified home in Orange County.

Green Home Builder

  1. Quantum Builders - Our vision is to build not just one or two homes, but a neighborhood, a community and an entire region of energy-producing buildings. California has the potential to be a net clean energy producer.

Completed Projects

  1. Vauban - Freiburg, Germany
    A new neighborhood of 5000 inhabitants and 600 jobs 4 km to the south of the town center in Freiburg, Germany. It was built as "a sustainable model district" on the site of a former French military base. Construction was begun in the mid-1990s, and by the beginning of 2001, 2000 people had moved in.
  1. Beddington Zero Energy Development (BedZED) - near Wallington, England
    It was designed by the architect Bill Dunster, who was looking for a more sustainable way of building housing in urban areas. The project was a partnership among BioRegional, Bill Dunster Architects the Peabody Trust, Arup and the cost consultants Gardiner and Theobald. The 99 homes, and 1,405 square metres of work space were built in 2000–2002.
  1. Village Home, Davis CA
    Village Homes is a planned community in Davis, California, designed to be ecologically sustainable. The more than 200 houses in the development utilize solar panels for heating, and are oriented around common areas at the rear of the buildings, rather than around the street at the front. The development also uses natural drainage to collect water to irrigate the common areas for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. Village Homes was completed in 1981, and has attracted international attention as an early model of an environmentally friendly housing development, including a visit from then-French President François Mitterrand